Monday, 9 August 2010

Long time no see! Again...

I fail at blogging, this I can accept, and guess what? I'm over it. The last two months have been horrendous, between doing a shitload of extra hours at work to make up for the staff turnover and to supplement my wages, the previously mentioned idiotic friends causing trouble and various other things I've been spending my time sleeping, eating, drinking, working and sleeping again.

So, a super quick rundown:

We took a week to go down to Glouscestershire to see my friend Peta and her new boyfriend, and the good news is that Peta finally has someone to spoil her! He's absolutely fantastic and I'm very happy to class him as a friend.

While we were away one of my best friends called me to say that she'd been proposed to. She accepted and her happy fiance are basking in that newly engaged glow (and the ring is gorgeous!)

We took a trip to Alton Towers as well, and got to ride their new ride, well worth it, though I wouldn't queue for an hour for it again...

There has been another death, my friend's granny, which is sort of a blessing as she'd been ill for so long, but always upsetting. Last night we had a brief discussion about some of the Norse Goddesses of family and death, before she deicded that her granny was probably drinking G&T with her granddad and planning a round of golf.

The friend who was ignoring me and my husband decided to come out with a whole bunch of reasons why he wasn't talking to us and now seems to be talking again. It remains to be seen if he'll turn up to the BBQ on Sat. In the meantime he's split up with a girl none of us realised he was seeing, despie this he felt the need to text us all at 2am to tell us of the split *rolls eyes* As I said at one point, prissy drama queen bullshit!

My husband has had a very good summer, between scout camps, training courses and getting praised and recommended for climbing qualifications he's a very happy little bunny. He's back to school on Monday, real life will recommence!

We are now, officially, trying to get pregnant :) We had a few chats about it, and had pretty much decided to start trying at the end of the year, but things change, and we decided not to bother waiting, nothing is going to change between now and then, our credit cards are clear, the house is finished (a post all of it's own!) and that's that :) I am sure that many updates on this will follow :)

The house is finished! The kitchen is sorted, the garden is done all except for the turf, the bedrooms are finished and we can finally chillax! (Chillax is making a comeback btw) There are a few bits we want to do, but none of them are important or causing us problems sleeping hehehe...

I am knitting up a storm, I have finally finished the space invader pillow and am working on a big loose weave shawl atm in wool that came from my aunty's house when they emptied it. Worried I'm going to go blind though from staring at the stitches for so long!

The manager is gone, the under manager and the senior sales took over the role, and we hired another minion, who is leaving us after three weeks! Next new person starts next week... Meanwhile, I will be doing full time hours for the forseeable, good for the bank balance, not so good for the sanity..

Right, I now need to get off and turn on some lights and eat some cake. Until next time, inspired by The Wedding Singer which I may be watching. Again. I heard you on the wireless back in 52...

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